Our policies

Our policies

British Sugar's policy documents

Environmental Policy

Updated September 2020

British Sugar believes that protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility and all
employees are accountable for environmental performance.

British Sugar is committed to:

This policy statement is communicated to all of British Sugar’s employees and contractors.

Download our 'Environmental Policy'

Product Safety & Quality Policy (Food & Feed)

Updated February 2020

British Sugar is committed to producing legal, safe, authentic, quality products that meet the high standards required by our customers, through continuous improvement of our people, plant and processes. This approach encompasses the way we design, develop, manufacture and distribute our extensive range of products into the food chain based on certification to ISO, BRC, FEMAS and Retailer standards. British Sugar want our customers to choose us as a supplier for reasons other than price. We aim to do this by understanding what they need and value for their products to be successful and meet consumer expectations.

This policy statement is communicated to all British Sugar's employees and contractors.

Download our 'Product Safety & Quality Policy Policy (Food & Feed)'

Safety & Health Policy

Updated April 2021

At British Sugar we’re committed to supporting the safety, health and mental wellbeing of our employees working across our whole supply chain. We do this by providing safe and healthy workplaces and working conditions, to prevent injury and ill health. We will also minimise any impact caused by our activities or processes to the safety and health of our contractors while working on any of our facilities and our neighbours who may be affected by our operations.

We will comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to continually improve our occupational safety and health management system, while providing a secure work environment through eliminating hazards and ensuring that all occupational safety and health risks are assessed and effectively managed using proportionate risk-based principles, through a prioritised approach within the framework of our Management System.

All employees, and everyone working on behalf of the company, have a responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and others who might be affected by their actions. We will always consult with our people and our trade unions to encourage participation across our supply chain, with overall accountability for safety and health recognised as a prime responsibility for all those who manage and supervise people.

This policy statement is communicated to all British Sugar’s employees and contractors.

Download our 'Safety & Health Policy'

Energy Management Policy

Updated October 2020

British Sugar’s Energy Policy is to minimise the environmental impact and financial costs of our
energy import, generation, use and export across operations at our beet processing sites by:

This policy statement is communicated to all of British Sugar’s employees and contractors whose
activities impact on energy.

Download our 'Energy Management Policy'

Modern Slavery

Updated February 2021

British Sugar subscribes to AB Sugar’s Modern Slavery Statement, which aligns with the principles of the Associated British Foods plc (ABF) Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement but puts the challenge and risks into a sugar context.

The statement aims to explain what are perceived to be the biggest potential modern slavery risks in AB Sugar’s business footprint, and the strategy intended to be used to mitigate against those potential risks.

Read more about the policy here.

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