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25 May 2017

What does Brexit mean for Britain’s beet sugar industry?

Britain’s sugar industry owes its existence to a period of poor European relations. When the British...

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23 May 2017

Introducing new faces at British Sugar TOPSOIL

National TOPSOIL Manager Andy Spetch and Sales Manager Natalie Gudgin have two new colleagues to help...

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25 April 2017

British Sugar Shortlisted for the 2017 Responsible Business Awards

British Sugar, which has four advanced manufacturing plants across East Anglia and the East Midlands, is...

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24 March 2017

A British Industry punching above its weight

Brexit offers a chance for many already thriving British agricultural industries to grow further. But what...

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15 March 2017

Brexit can benefit the poorest countries that produce sugar

There are more than 110 sugar-producing countries in the world. In many small nations, sugar cane...

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20 February 2017

A positive future for the UK beet sugar industry

New opportunities as European quotas lifted

  • UK beet sugar industry critical to rural and agricultural economy and...
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17 February 2017

Brexit can benefit the beet farmers

By Paul Kenwood, Managing Director, British Sugar

Leaving the European Union (EU) offers an exciting opportunity for...

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9 February 2017

Listen to why 'Brexit may be sweet' in a special edition podcast...

Leaving the European Union (EU) offers an exciting opportunity for great British businesses and as such,...

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2 February 2017

Training bursary launched by British Sugar TOPSOIL to celebrate its 20th anniversary

The UK’s largest supplier of topsoil to the construction, landscaping and amenity sectors – British Sugar...

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30 January 2017

British Sugar signs up with Apprenticeships Norfolk

British Sugar is pleased to announce that it has signed up with Apprenticeships Norfolk. Together our...

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24 January 2017

The Sugar Industry Programme takes to Westminster to debate the ‘Future of...

Next generation of sugar beet professionals question politicians on the UK industry

The future of the sugar...

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