Creating a level playing field for the British beet sugar industry


The British beet sugar industry grows, processes and delivers high quality sugar to around 50% of the UK market, and exports across the world.

We have created a vibrant and globally competitive British success story that can compete on an equal footing with any sugar processor in the world. British Sugar and the 9,500 people that are working in our supply chain are working hard to make high quality sugar that we can enjoy every day.

Why are we so successful?

  • Invested £250 million in our factories over the last five years
  • The 3,500 farmers in the East of England and East Anglia grow a crop of eight million tonnes of sugar beet that we turn in to British Sugar
  • We've increased our farm yields by 25% over the last decade
  • Together with our growers driving R&D through the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO)
  • Producing a range of co-products: from the topsoil used at the Olympics, to electricity that can power a city the size of Peterborough
  • Nurturing the next generation through high-quality apprenticeships and graduate programmes

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