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Beet deliveries towards the end of campaign

12 February 2020

British Sugar plans to close the Bury factory on 19 February and Cantley on 7 March. Due to the very wet soil conditions on-farm it is anticipated that most, but not all, beet from these factory areas will have been delivered by these dates.

NFU Sugar has expressed strong concerns about not being able to lift all the beet in time, particularly given the factory closure dates and weather-related delays in harvesting.

In response British Sugar has agreed to reduce the slice rate at Wissington, between now until the end of campaign, extending the campaign length by one week to allow additional time to lift any further beet. This will allow Cantley and Bury growers to deliver any beet not able to be delivered before their respective factory close dates while minimising the additional transport costs. Reallocation of Wissington delivery schedules will be completed to take account of this change.

British Sugar’s provisional estimate, based on the revised factory throughput and information supplied by growers and hauliers, indicates that if all beet is lifted and delivered, the weighbridges at Wissington will close to sugar beet intake on 19 March 2020. However, this date may be updated depending on circumstances at the relevant time.

Newark factory remains open and there are plans in place for a slightly later closing date (estimated 4 April). Given current estimates, the factory will only be open to Newark contracted deliveries once Wissington is closed.

We will keep growers updated on any changes to these plans as we approach the end of campaign.

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