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International Women's Day: A blog from our Head of Advocacy and Communications

8 March 2019

This International Women’s Day, we’re proud to celebrate the women from across our business.

It’s no secret that we are operating in traditionally male dominated industries, as an agriculture and manufacturing business with a strong engineering focus. So we’re pleased that we’ve seen a gradual increase in female employees across all aspects of our business and operations in recent years.

Encouraging women to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based roles remains a challenge for the UK as a whole. We will continue to do our bit to address this, by attending careers events, and promoting our industry to school children, changing perceptions of the manufacturing and agricultural sectors and showcasing our industry for what it is – a modern, inclusive and forward thinking industry, embracing the latest technology to meet crucial challenges such as efficient and sustainable food production. But by far the best advocates for women considering careers in STEM, and the beet sugar industry as a whole, are the brilliant women we already have working in our factories and across our operations, many of whom not only make a vital contribution to our business, but are also excellent ambassadors.

We want to continue to be a business where anyone can progress, and we can offer truly diverse and inspiring career paths, whether in process engineering at one of our four factories, in field-based agriculture working alongside our growers, or in the central functions at our Peterborough office.

Ruth Day

Head of Advocacy and Communications

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