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Campaign Update – 11.3.20

11 March 2020

As the 2019/20 sugar beet campaign draws to a close, British Sugar continues to thank all our growers, contractors, hauliers and partners for their continued huge efforts and co-operation in ensuring that our factories remain supplied. Over 90% of the crop has now been delivered.

Our Bury St Edmunds and Cantley factories have now completed their campaigns, and Wissington is expecting to close its weighbridges for sugar beet intake on 19th March, if all beet has been lifted and delivered. After 16th March, Wissington will take a decision on whether to remain open on a day-by-day, basis subject to the availability of sufficient beet supply. Newark factory remains open to contracted deliveries, and is expected to close on 4th April, again dependent on remaining beet being lifted. As with Wissington, Newark will open on a daily basis subject to the availability of sufficient beet supply from 30th March.

Any changes to these dates will be communicated to our growers and hauliers through our regular communications channels.

We recognise that this campaign has seen challenging conditions and that wet weather has affected lifting. To help our growers and hauliers, we have slowed the slice rate at Wissington and Newark to provide as much time as possible for beet to be lifted and delivered. Prior to its closing, we also slowed slicing at Cantley, and any beet which could not be delivered in time to Cantley can be accepted at Wissington. Growers should speak to their British Sugar Contract Manager to make arrangements for this, so that it can be allocated accordingly.

We thank growers for their continued persistence, and urge them to continue to take every opportunity to lift beet and deliver it to their contracted factory as soon as possible. We would also remind growers and hauliers to keep in contact with their British Sugar Contract Manager with any questions or concerns about harvesting, beet supply or delivery, so that we can do all we can to help.

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