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British Sugar’s Debbie braves charity head shave

26 November 2019

Debbie Wilkinson from British Sugar’s Grower Services team has bravely taken on the challenge of shaving her head, in aid of the Farm Safety Foundation who support the safety and mental health of agricultural workers.

After becoming increasing intolerant to hair dye, Debbie decided to shave her head rather than spend many months growing out her colour. Through her challenge, she will be raising money for the Farm Safety Foundation, whose research reveals that four out of five young farmers (under 40) believe mental health is the biggest hidden problem facing farmers today. Donations will help the charity develop resources, training sessions and campaigns to increase awareness around mental health in farming.

Commenting on her challenge, Debbie said:

“I speak to sugar beet growers day-in, day-out through my work on British Sugar’s Grower Services hotline, and was shocked to discover that on average one agricultural worker per week in the UK commits suicide. So I decided I had an opportunity to help those who face a lot more serious issues than my own.”

British Sugar Managing Director Paul Kenward commented:

“It is vital to support the mental health of agricultural workers, whatever their role and wherever they work, so I was delighted to see Debbie’s initiative. It is one I am proud to support.”

Notes to editors:
  • Debbie will be undertaking her challenge at British Sugar’s Peterborough office on Friday 29th November.
  • She is collecting sponsorship via:
  • Through British Sugar’s ‘Supporting You to Support Others’ charity programme, the company will match fund up to £250.
  • More information about the Farm Safety Foundation can be found on their website:
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