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15 November 2017

New Head of British Beet Research Organisation Appointed

NFU Sugar and British Sugar are delighted to announce that Dr Vicky Foster has been appointed...

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1 October 2017

British Beet Sugar Industry hails the upcoming deregulation of the European sugar...

British Beet Sugar Industry hails the upcoming deregulation of the European sugar market as great news...

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30 August 2017

Sugar Industry Programme 2017/18 Applications Now Open

Recruitment is now underway for the 2017-2018 Sugar Industry Programme. The ‘SIP’ offers selected growers a...

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15 August 2017

2017/18 Campaign Start Dates

Following discussions with NFU Sugar we are pleased to announce the campaign start dates for the...

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20 July 2017

British Sugar shortlisted for 2017 Food & Drink Federation Award

British Sugar, which has four advanced manufacturing plants across East Anglia and the East Midlands, is...

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14 July 2017

British Sugar and NFU Sugar Announce the 2018 Sugar Beet Contract Offers

Today, British Sugar and NFU Sugar are pleased to announce their agreement on sugar beet contract...

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7 July 2017

British Sugar TOPSOIL announces first bursary recipient

Richard Johnstone, a 34-year old golf course manager from Nairn, situated in the north of Scotland,...

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5 June 2017

Brexiteers vote to 'buy british' in their weekly shop

  • Poll shows Leave voters are willing to pay extra for home-grown products
  • Six out of ten adults...
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5 June 2017

Poll reveals British shoppers have little idea where sugar comes from

  • Only a third of adults are aware that sugar is grown in the UK
  • A majority of...
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30 May 2017

BBRO Announcement - Colin MacEwan departure

The BBRO Executive Board is sorry to announce that Colin MacEwan, Head of BBRO, will be...

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