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Gender Pay Gap Report

A message from Paul Kenward

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I am hugely proud of our people and it’s very important to me that we support and develop the people who work for British Sugar, encouraging everyone to achieve their potential. It’s simply the right thing to do both for our business and for individuals.

We’re a customer-led agriculture business but with engineering at its heart – that’s our heritage. With this comes a history of a highly technically skilled and long serving workforce that is male dominated. Our gender make-up as a company has seen very similar trends to other companies with a strong engineering focus. We see this continue to the present day as, whilst we’ve seen a gradual increase in female employees, our workforce remains male dominated.

We’re not resting on our laurels when it comes to gender diversity – our gender diversity taskforce is chaired by Colm McKay (Agriculture Director) and is focused on actions to deliver against clear priorities to ensure that men and women are treated equally and fairly, from when they apply to join our team and throughout their time with us as they build successful careers.

The figures outlined below are accurate and show both the mean and median differential in pay between genders across British Sugar. As of 5th April 2017, British Sugar employed 1084 men and 280 women.

Gender Pay Gap Report British Sugar
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