13 November 2012

British Sugar offers solutions for Brownfield land sites

British Sugar teamed up with the NHBC (National House Building Council) to offer a free half-day seminar in London on 7 November 2012, to help developers, architects, consultants and specifiers to understand the best topsoil solution for Brownfield land.

An important element of completing the remediation of Brownfield land is the topsoil used to landscape the site.  It is the quality of the gardens and any landscaping that can often have a major impact on the new homeowner's satisfaction.  When importing topsoil it is also important that the source is traceable and analysed, as without these factors the imported soil risks failing NHBC and Local Authority conditions, such as heavy metal or chemical analysis of the soil.

A number of leading specialists were brought together to present and take questions on the key issues facing the reuse of onsite and imported topsoils, including successful procurement.

Andy Spetch, British Sugar TOPSOIL Manager, said: "We trust the attendees now have a greater understanding of the benefits of the topsoil we sell at British Sugar.  Having an understanding of the topsoil market and the testing needed will help the importers of topsoil avoid many of the pitfalls and ultmiately ensure they meet the validation needed by the NHBC and the Local Authorities."

Each year, British Sugar receives over 300,000 tonnes of soil with the 7.5 million tonnes of sugar beet it purchases from UK farmers.  The soil received with the crop is recovered and marketed under the brand TOPSOIL.  British Sugar is the largest supplier of quality topsoil in the UK and its product Landscape20, compliant to BS3882:2007, is ideal for landscaping projects such as seeding, turfing and planting.

For more information on how TOPSOIL could help you with the remediation of Brownfield land, please visit www.bstopsoil.co.uk.