2 November 2012

Two young winners complete one-week internship with British Sugar

Two young winners of the 2012 Academy Excellence Awards have completed a one-week internship at British Sugar as part of a 'money can't buy' prize.  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was presented to the winner and runner-up in the technology category.

The two prize winners gained a valuable insight into British Sugar's innovative business, and learnt about the factory's use of technology to transform the inputs (sugar beet) into a myriad of sustainable products.  The students received presentations, tours and live demonstrations that followed the 'homegrown sugar story'; from beet harvesting, to sugar manfacture, to the production of co-products.

As part of the week, the students also visited Cornerways Nursery, the UK's largest single tomato glasshouse, the Institute of Manufacturing (IFM), and spent time with current and recent graduates to gain a greater understanding about what British Sugar offer and to help them consider their future.

Richard Pike, British Sugar's Managing Director said: "This was a fantastic experience for the two winners and we trust they had an inspiring and informative week, which has shown them our approach to advanced and sustainable manufacturing.  The final day of their internship gave us the prefect opportunity to hear their views on how we can make manufacturing more relevant to young people in the future."

The internship week took place at British Sugar's Wissington Sugar Factory, the largest beet sugar factory in the world and one of the most efficient in Europe, producing over 400,000 tonnes of sugar annually.

Note to editors:

British Sugar is the leading supplier of sugar to the British and Irish food and beverage markets.  Around 4,000 growers supply our four factories with 7.5 million tonnes of sugar beet each year, which we process into over 1 million tonnes of sugar.

Sugar remains at the core of our operations, but by using a highly integrated approach to manufacturing, we aim to transform all raw materials into sustainable products, from sugar to topsoil, stones to LimeX, and animal feed.  In addition, we were the first company to manufacture Bioethanol in the UK; we export enough electricty to power 160,000 homes; we are the largest supplier of betaine in the world; and we produce around 140 million tomatoes annually in the UK's largest single tomato glasshouse.

British Sugar is a partner organisation and proud sponsor for this educational initiative, the Academy Excellence Awards.  The awards celebrate academic achievement by academy students in years 11, 12 and 13 in English, humanities, mathematics, science and technology.  The two winners were revealed at a special awards dinner during the summer.  Further information can be found at the Academy Excellence Awards website.  

Emma and Harmandeep - winners of the Academy Excellence Awards 2012