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A British Industry punching above its weight

24 March 2017

Brexit can benefit the poorest countries that produce sugar
15 March 2017

A positive future for the UK beet sugar industry
20 February 2017

Brexit can benefit beet farmers
17 February 2017

Listen to why ‘Brexit may be sweet’ in a special edition podcast from The Spectator

09 February 2017

Training bursary launched by British Sugar TOPSOIL to celebrate its 20th anniversary
02 February 2017

British Sugar signs up with Apprenticeships Norfolk

30 January 2017

The Sugar Industry Programme takes to Westminster to debate the ‘Future of Sugar’
24 January 2017


The Spectator - For the UK Sugar Industry, Brexit may be sweet.
16 December 2016

British Sugar TOPSOIL launches new Sports & Turf dressing
9 November 2016

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8 November 2016

British Sugar TOPSOIL Hortloam chosen for new edible garden project at RHS Garden Hyde Hall
31 October 2016

Wissington glasshouse to grow plants for epilepsy medicine
25 October 2016

British Sugar and DEFRA showcase Apprenticeships to Young Jobseekers

13 October 2016

Media Statement - Campaign Start Dates

7 September 2016

National survey ranks British Sugar apprentice scheme at number 15

12 August 2016

British Sugar and NFU Sugar Announce Innovative Approach to the 2017/18 Sugar Beet Contract

15 July 2016

National Campaign Gets British Sugar Learning Differently

20 May 2016

British Sugar’s Commitment To Red Tractor Assurance Sees Its Sustainability Credentials Globally Recognised
21 April 2016


Sugar Awareness Week
27 Nov 2015

2020Health Report Exploring Obesity
9 Oct 2015

Mums urged to reset ‘diet dial’ and live by 80/20 rule
5 Mar 2015


Brits consume twice as many calories on Christmas day as Great War ancestors
19 Dec 2014

Consumers unaware 'Lower in Sugar' can mean ' Higher in Calories'
23 Sept 2014

'Making Sense of Sugar' campaign launched by AB Sugar
17 Sept 2014

Industry partnership aims to keep UK on top with hi-tech beet yield model
26 June 2014

Response from British Sugar MD to UK Scientific Advisory Committee On Nutrition (SACN) draft report on Carbohydrates and Health
26 June 2014

Celebrate Open Farm Sunday with British Sugar
3 June 2014

2 June 2014

Response from British Sugar MD to results of UK Government's National Diet and Nutrition Survey on sugars intakes from Years 1-4
21 May 2014

Prime Minister visits Newark Sugar Factory

12 May 2014

94% of UK adults are unaware of how many calories they consume on a daily basis
29 April 2014

Response to CMO annual report on health
2 April 2014

Response to launch of WHO Draft Guidelines: Sugars intake for adults and children
7 March 2014

Response to Chief Medical Officer comments on the possibility of a sugar tax
6 March 2014

Response to launch of WHO Draft Guidelines: Sugars intake for adults and children
6 March 2014

Research shows that lifestyle and lack of knowledge are fuelling obesity debate
12 February 2014

Bridging the gap - Apprentices have their say
4 February 2014

Horizon - What's worse for us: sugar or fat?
30 January 2014

There’s more to obesity than sugar
28 January 2014

AB Sugar response to Channel 4 Dispatches

21 January 2014


Student engineers go hands on at British Sugar

November 2013

Secretary of State visits Wissington Sugar Factory

 4 April 2013


British Sugar TOPSOIL scoops BALI National Landscape Award
19 December 2012

British Sugar offers solutions for Brownfield land sites
13 November 2012

Two young winners complete one-week internship with British Sugar
2 November 2012

British Sugar launches 'Beet the Best' 2012 competition
1 November 2012

Sugar beet grower scoops top prize at farming awards
5 October 2012

British Sugar announces 2012/13 sugar beet campaign start dates
31 August 2012

Celebration of 100 Years of UK Beet Sugar Industry at Britain's first modern beet sugar factory
05 July 2012

British Sugar and NFU announce 2013/14 contract price and outcome of IPA mid-term review

13 June 2012

District Council and British Sugar find a sweet way to beat the drought on the Lincolnshire Coast

30 May 2012

British Sugar enters The Times Top 100 and the Guardian UK 300 graduate employers

3 May 2012

Silver Spoon launches new 'the only sugar grown in Britain' packaging

24 April 2012

Winners of the 'Beet the Best' competition announced

5 April 2012

Record British sugar beet crop gets Centenary year off to a great start

6 March 2012

New logo celebrates 100 years of the UK Beet Sugar Industry
21 February 2012

British Sugar to support 2012 Academy Excellence Awards
6 February 2012


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