Environmental, transforming raw materials

At British Sugar, protection of the environment is integral to our activities and we believe that raw materials should be used efficiently and responsibly to achieve this.

We’ve invested around £1billion in the last two decades to continuously improve our use of raw materials, installing leading technology in energy efficiency, gas and water treatment. This substantial investment has increased our operational agility and enabled us to explore new and exciting product stream opportunities.

Sugar production remains at the core of our operations, but using a highly integrated approach to manufacturing, we aim to transform all of our raw materials into sustainable products.

To learn more about how our factories recycle stones for building materials, soil for landscaping, lime for soil conditioning, beet pulp for animal feed and produce electricity from Combined Heat & Power plants, click here.

All of British Sugar's sites operate using an integrated Environment Management System (EMS) which is externally certified to ISO 14001. It is designed to continuously monitor, review and improve our environmental performance and minimise the impact of our activities.

We operate under the UK’s Climate Change Agreement Scheme and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Red necked phalarope on water

Bioethanol refinery at Wissington