Electricity 160000 homes a year

Our factories utilise a power generation system that produces both steam and electricity, called Combined Heat & Power (CHP). The system is recognised as one of the most fuel-efficient processes available, utilising about 80% of the energy in the fuel.

Coal, oil or gas are used to fuel water boilers producing steam at high pressure. This steam is used to drive turbo-alternators generating electricity to power the factory. The steam from the turbo-alternator is then used again in the evaporation stages, and yet again to heat the sugar juice at various points throughout the process.

At several factories, more electricity is generated than the factory requires and the excess is sold to the electricity supply companies. Developing this principle further, high performance combined cycle gas turbines have been installed at the Bury St Edmunds and Wissington factories, efficiently generating even more electricity for sale.

Power Plant